BASE CAMP | Beginner’s Classes
What Is Base Camp

Base Camp is CrossFit Deliverance’s Fundamentals/On-Ramp program. Just as a “Base Camp” of a mountain is a place safe from the harsher conditions of a mountains summit and used for staging an attempt of the summit the Base Camp here is where your CrossFit journey begins. During Base Camp you will join others new to CrossFit in a small class setting where it is safe and non intimidating. Together you will all learn the lingo of CrossFit, how to set up your workouts, the most common movements, and how to modify your workout for you. We will review subjects such as, What is CrossFit, Nutrition, Recovery, and Recording Your Progress. When you join the regular classes you can enter with confidence and the tools you need for this journey.

When is Base Camp

The Base Camp series consists of 3 classes (Saturday @ 8:00am, Tuesday @ 6:60pm, Thursday @ 6:00pm) which runs every other week and is required for any person new to CrossFit before joining our regular classes. When you decide you love it and want to join you will receive your first month at a discounted price ($155) with no contracts. This gives you 40 days to experience our gym before working with a coach to figure out which membership package suits your needs best. Fill out our contact form by clicking on the link below and we will send you the next available series dates for Base Camp. Individual or all 3 Base Camp classes can be completed as personal training sessions if you prefer a one-on-one approach, can’t stand to wait until the next available dates, or have a complicated schedule that doesn’t match our preset times. While our personal training sessions run $70/hour we have discounted these classes to $40/session.

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