My first year in high school I joined the swim team in the hopes of becoming more athletic. After one year I had enough of the high school drama and finished my last two years out at the local community college. Here I would develop the foundation to my fitness journey. One day this very attractive, who am I kidding I was 16, this rather hot guy (James) who was sitting at my cafeteria table challenged me to just get up 10 min early in the morning and run. While my run was more of a walk I did it! Soon I was enrolled into weight lifting, kick boxing aerobics, indoor soccer and would use my lunch breaks to run the local trails. Getting stronger was fun and I would sign up for weight training every quarter as my system for accountability.

Shortly after I found myself graduated, married and sitting behind a desk. James and I tried to make fitness a priority but life was busy and the over crowded gym and repeat workout routines got boring. Fortunately it was one of the trainers at the gym that introduced me to CrossFit. I started following the main site for the sole reason that there was something new every day. I spent months trying just to be able to do the classic CrossFit warm up (you know the one with the overhead squats, pull ups, dips, etc). The warm up literally was my workout. Upon moving to a house we started our own gym in our garage where we could continue to do CrossFit. But we wanted more so we moved back to the city and joined a CrossFit gym my sister manages and for the first time got to experience what it is like to be part of the CrossFit community.

What a life changing experience it has been. Instead of finding excuses to sleep through my alarm I am excited to go workout with the most incredible people even if it is still dark outside. The community is the unique aspect of CrossFit that is responsible for its rapid growth and amazing results. It is because of the people I am surrounded by every morning that I am constantly breaking through my self-imposed limitations and finding that I am capable of so much more. Their accountability is why I show up every morning. Their cheering is what carries me to the end of a workout. Witnessing others victories is what has led James and I to bring this opportunity to Roosevelt and the university district. Being a part of the CrossFit community will change your life and is only something that can be experienced to be fully understood.

Come in and tell me your story. Make yourself a priority. You are worth it, you deserve it, and you can do it. Come in and meet the new you! The one full of self-confidence, that can face challenges with grace, and can get up when you fall down, that is an example to those they love, can load your own groceries in the car, and keep up with your friends/family. Are you ready? Tell me about your new commitment to yourself.

Some of my favorite things:

Superheros: DC/Batman & Marvel/Iron Man

AirPlanes: A-10 WartHog & the SR-71 Blackbird

Foods: Dark Chocolate, homemade almond or coconut milk, desserts from Whole Foods, coffee and bacon

CF Movements: Overhead squat, pull ups, any workout that is short and heavy


Vinegar, long workouts, the color pink, and wind