Drew, like so many others started his athletic career on his Junior High’s football field. But along with that time on the field, Drew spent many hours training the simple weight-room housed in Kent’s Meridian Junior High. It was in that place where he spent many solitary hours that he fell in love the process of training.

Drew had a great deal of personal success playing football through High School. He always bizarrely enjoyed the process of the season as much or more than sport itself. Drew took it upon himself to plan and run the pre-season conditioning practices and sessions in the weight-room. This dedication saw him through to being a collegiate football player. Over time Drew became bored with football and sought a new challenge.

With a family history of rowing Drew decided to pursuit a new sport at his highest level with ZERO previous experience. Whittling down about 40-50 pounds Drew chose to chase this idea at the University of Washington where he walked on to the Crew team.  Drew worked countless hours at his new craft and was honored to win national championships on 2007 and 2008 as a proud Husky oarsman. In 2008 Drew married his High School sweetheart and they moved to the Eastlake neighborhood where they still reside today.

After graduating Drew dabbled briefly in Crossfit, but spent most of his time not working making wine and enjoying Seattle. In 2013 a new Crossfit gym opened up in his neighborhood, and having grown tired of jogging around Lake Union, Drew joined Crossfit Deliverance.

Since then Drew has rarely been away from CFD. After lifting weights for 15+ years and “crossfitting” for several more Drew obtained his Crossfit Level 1 and has been helping coach around the gym from time to time. You can ask Drew about wine, or rowing, or peanut butter and he’ll happily wax on poetically if you let him.