I’ve always had an addictive personality. In my childhood I was addicted to reading, video games and anything that stimulated me intellectually. I played some recreational and competitive sports growing up as well, but I was so addicted to growing my brain that I was blind to the possibilities of my body. Then the 2012 summer Olympics came. A spectacle of peak human performance, I enjoyed watching everything from marathon cycling to Wrestling. However, the event that captured me was Weightlifting. I can remember clearly watching Ilya Ilyin from Kazakhstan lift 510 lbs over his head in the blink of an eye, at a bodyweight of 205 lbs. The Strength, Speed, Power, and sheer determination it must take to lift 2.5 times your own weight so quickly and efficiently has never left my thoughts. Instant weightlifting addiction.

Luckily my addiction to learning led me to a full ride to the University of Washington where I would have the structure and time to balance my academic addiction with my new found athletic addiction. Here at UW I would meet new friends and weightlifters, one of which would get me into contact with the CrossFit Deliverance duo James and Amy.

Although I was one of their first members, I joined their gym just so I could Oly lift twice a day with their awesome rogue equipment, but they convinced me to try a WOD which led to another one and another and another. Eventually I was searching for a CrossFit WOD as much as I was Oly Lifting, CrossFit is special because anyone can do it, and doing it with good mechanics, frequency, and intensity will allow you to achieve a level of fitness you might have only dreamt about, especially with the community CrossFit Deliverance offers. The best part about CrossFit? Looking good, feeling great, and performing better! Now that I’m addicted to both CrossFit and Weightlifting, constantly educating myself on how to become better at both is a must, and sharing my knowledge to help people reach their goals is my favorite way of applying my efforts. More Questions? Find me in the Gym!

Fun Facts:

I was born in Mexico and am half Mexican. Yo hablo Español!

I spent the summer learning from and training with World Champion Weightlifter John Broz.

I have put in 100 hours working in a physical therapy clinic.

Have and Love competing in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

Played soccer in elementary and football in high school

Favorite Oly lift? The Clean

Favorite CrossFit movement? Legless Rope Climbs