Sports and competition have been a part of my life since the age of 4. While I participated in football and track, soccer was my passion. Collegiate sports was put on the side lines so that I could focus on academics. It didn’t take very long for me to notice the competitive void. Working out at the gym by myself was so foreign and I missed the camaraderie and competitive nature of working out with a team. A trainer at a globo gym mentioned CrossFit to my wife, Amy. We soaked up articles and videos from the Main Site and tried to replicate these movements first in the globo gym then our home garage. It was a constant battle to make fitness a priority in our busy lives. So we decided to pull out of the house offer we were in and move back to Seattle to focus on our work careers and fitness. Amy’s sister was managing a CrossFit gym in Seattle and we knew we would be black listed if we joined anywhere else. It was one of the best things we have done as a couple.

Instead of constantly critiquing each other’s form and competing against each other we now work out with our “buddies” during the same class and then swap stories on the ride home. Not to mention we both get to reap the rewards from the other spouse doing CrossFit (I’m just saying…)! We hardly ever miss a class due to the luring of warm sheets in the morning because even when one of us doesn’t want to go the other one is pumped for the workout. In fact I think we have slept through three workouts in the last year. I used to miss three in one week!

I knew from my first introductions with CrossFit that I wanted to lead a gym of my own but after joining one it changed from a want to a need. CrossFit is legit! Even the burliest of guys are humbled and those new to fitness become uplifted. It doesn’t matter whether you are a white collar worker, blue collar worker, home maker, student, unemployed, big, small, trying to gain weight or lose weight or a prior athlete looking for competition. When the work uniforms are stripped and workout gear adorned we are all athletes that are willing to work hard to make ourselves better. The benefits you experience are beyond physical but expand to mental and spiritual. You matter. People notice when you are gone they care about how your are doing and come around you when you need help. They cheer you on and help you burst through your self imposed limitations to discover a you that you didn’t even know existed!  All I can say is CrossFit has changed my life and the people around me for the better, let it do the same for you!

Come in and tell us your story. Let us be a part of your fitness journey and transformation.

Interesting Facts:

I was home schooled until I was 17

I am color blind with green and browns

I played in the state championship soccer match when I was 18

I have eaten lunch at the hotel in the movie Hotel Rwanda

I own 18 Nerf guns and 28 if you count the water Nerf guns

I believe LEGOs are for adults too