Did you know babies can float? Anna’s parents taught her to swim as an infant, and she’s been an athlete ever since. At four she graduated from the bathtub to the swimming pool and joined the swim team, then the tennis team at eight. She played both sports competitively through high school and then stopped when she entered the University of Washington.

In college she began looking for other forms of exercise. She found high-interval interval training and noticed herself leaning out — a relief, especially after eating many, many bowls of pasta when studying abroad in Rome her junior year. When she came back from Italy, she wanted something more intense. Every day she passed a CrossFit gym on the way to her internship and stared in awe at the people doing…whatever it was they were doing inside that day. After two months she finally had the courage to walk. She joined that same day and the rest is history. That was three years ago. Since walking into that gym Anna’s put on 20 pounds of muscle and no, she’s not worried about getting “too bulky.”