I have been involved in athletics for as long as I can remember but I spent most of my life as a soccer player. However, throughout my life I have tried pretty much every sport or activity under the sun (martial arts, basketball, cross country, bodybuilding, snowboarding, ultimate frisbee, triathlons, endurance runs, obstacle runs, and even dodgeball!). Despite all my athletic endeavors I was never the most talented or the star player. I was, however, always one of the hardest working individuals on the team or in a competition. I was always working to challenge myself and those around me.

I was first introduced to CrossFit by a friend in 2008 while visiting Santa Cruz, CA. and we visited CrossFit Santa Cruz. I didn’t know it then, but I was standing in one of the first CrossFit boxes in the history of the sport. I was intrigued, but at the time I wasn’t driven to try it out. I just thought it was cool and different. That all changed in 2012 after I watched The CrossFit Games. I watched in awe as athletes demonstrated feats of skill, strength, and endurance that I didn’t think was possible. I immediately sought out a local box to begin my journey. A lightbulb went off inside me…for the longest time I had experimented with different sports and activities in search of a new challenge and to gain a comprehensive base of fitness. But each time I picked up something new, I lost the abilities I had gained from the previous one. In CrossFit, I found a way to improve all my physical abilities, which has helped me recover from injuries and improve in sport. My continued development was a direct result of hard work and a desire to challenge myself The rest is history.

The fun and always-changing workouts got me in the door, but the CrossFit community has kept me here. The support and the commitment was something I had never experienced before and is critical to my motivation to this day. I became a coach to give back the gifts my CrossFit journey has given me: the pride found in always giving your best, the opportunity to become a better version of yourself every single day, and the support and love of the CrossFit community.

Interesting Facts:

  • I learned to swim at 26 years old, AFTER I signed up for a triathlon
  • Cookie Monster is my spirit animal
  • I have a BS in Microbiology with an emphasis is Biomedical Sciences
  • I spent 9 years working for a biotechnology company before becoming a Certified Personal Trainer
  • I offer personal training sessions at CrossFit Deliverance
  • I am half Bangladeshi, half Filipino, and all American!