Coach Nick

Hello everyone my name is Nick. I’ve always been an athletic kid and have played just about every sport growing up here in Seattle. In high school I excelled at football which eventually led me to play Division 1 football right here in Seattle at the¬†University of Washington. As proud as I was to be a Dawg, being a Division 1 athlete was a full time job and seeing as how few people actually make it to the NFL, by my sophomore year, I decided to focus my efforts on school.

At this point however I still was not sold on completely letting go of both my athletic and competitive nature which naturally drew me to Crossfit. Both the mental and physical challenges that Crossfit provided me filled the void that football had once left. Crossfit has constantly challenged me to be a better athlete and a better person. From being able to only jump rope backwards to the first time I did 100 unbroken double unders, it’s that feeling of my hard work paying off that made me fall in love with Crossfit and the mutual mentality that we as Crossfitters share.

The reason I became a coach was because, in the same way that I was challenged and kept working to achieve my goals, I also wish to instill and facilitate that type of drive in my athletes. From bicep curls, to hill sprints, to rope climbs I’m up to teach, coach, facilitate, and do it all. Like Sampson and his beard my power and strength come from my man bun.