In 1963 Frank Hohn wanted the most important words of his books to stand out and be noticed so he invented the highlighter. Much like the highlighted texts in a book I’m full of energy, optimism, and usually have something important I need to tell you, AND OH MY HAIR IS BRIGHT PINK!!!

I’ve been an endurance athlete my entire life, from competitive downhill skiing when I was younger, to being a member of the Women’s Varsity Crew Team at thee University of Washington. Go Dawgs! I began Crossfit early on in Boulder, CO, I’m from there and it’s the most beautiful place in the world! And I found Deliverance during the offseason of my sophomore year.

I love Crossfit because it’s a fun and different way for me to workout, and because I just really love to workout. I’m one of those people who’s motivated by what discourages people. What people find to be hard and uncomfortable I take pleasure in making my comfort zone. I’d rather do a million wall balls and burpees then any amount of pull-ups. My capacity to be okay with discomfort is what made me want to be a coach. To give people the strength and tenacity to face the hardships of a workout or life and find the inner capacity to just smile is what made me want to be a coach. Plus I’m always smiling!

Fun facts about me: my favorite colors are bright, my favorite movies are tangled and frozen, I have an abnormally small head!