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Constantly Varied

Why Constantly Varied? Our bodies are meant to adapt to physical activities. Once adapted, physical changes decrease or stop all together. In essence routine is the enemy. CrossFits programming keeps the body guessing and always adapting. "Constantly varied" allows us to use movements we excel at but also test the ones that we find difficult. Through performing the movements you least appreciate better level of fitness you will obtain.

High Intensity

What is High Intensity? High Intensity as defined by CrossFit is how fast you get real work done. The more work you can do in less time increases power. The more power you can do the harder it is and also yields the best results.

Functional Movement

What are functional movements? Functional movements mimic common activity of your daily living or movements that aren't so common like running from a dog, climbing a wall during a mud run or lifting a heavy rock off a trapped friend. These compound joint movements also yield the best results for strength, positive hormone release and overall body composition.

Universally Modifiable

What does "universally modifiable" mean? Modifying allows us to adjust the daily workouts to any Athletes’ age, experience or athletic ability, etc. Many individual join CrossFit to get in shape and will not be able to complete the prescribed workout or movements, and that’s ok. Using a systematic approach to modifying down or up, we are able to mimic what the athletes will see written for class and get a great workout that will get results for that individual.



Punch Card 10 Sessions


Unlimited Classes


Gold Club Member

  • Unlimited Classes
  • 4 - 1:1 30min Sessions
  • 1 - 1:1 60min Nutrition Consult
  • Unlimited Fit 3d Scans



CrossFit seems expensive. Is it worth it?
What CrossFit offers is not your typical gym experience. While our rates are comparable to any group fitness classes, the results you’ll achieve are unparalleled. Membership fees are applied toward equipment and facility costs, as well as the expertise of the Certified CrossFit Trainer coaching each and every class you’ll participate in.
Should I get in better shape before I start crossfit?
No! One of the many great things about CrossFit is that every workout can be modified to suit any fitness level. We call that Universally Modifiable. What that means is that a new CrossFitter and a veteran Crossfitter can do the same workout, but the workout is modified according to each athlete’s fitness level.We teach our athletes how to modify workouts and our coaches always provide modifications in our regular group classes to lend a hand. You do not need to get in shape before starting at CrossFit Deliverance.
I’m already really fit, do I have to start with foundations?
So you’ve been regularly squatting, deadlifting, pressing, snatching and cleaning? We have (high) movement standards that you must meet in order to gain entry to our regular group classes without completing foundations. If you are competent at performing basic gymnastics, the power and Olympic lifts, you may be a candidate for Testing Out.