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All of our coaches at CrossFit Deliverance have been through a rigorous screening process and have met our high standards for coaching. Their coaching experience combined with their practical application of CrossFit in competition or in training for GPP (general physical preparedness) gives all our coaches hundreds to thousands of hours of experience.

Once a coach has passed the interview process and been selected, they continue to shadow extensively under a head coach. They are slowly given control over individual parts of classes while being supervised closely.  They are highly encouraged to obtain specialty certificates whenever possible. We know our coaches are the best and we are very excited to see the improvement they can help you make with your training and performance.


We do all our work with barbells, kettlebells, boxes, wall balls, gymnastics rings and a pull-up rig. We have zero mirrors on the floor, no gym gossip, and no salesmen. If you want results and you want to be fit, strong, and healthy, we provide a fun environment that fosters all of the above. Before and after workout we encourage and foster community building in our gym lounge and mobility room. Classes are one hour long and the workout of the day is the same for the entire day. So if you miss your regular class time, you can come in later in the day and get the same workout in. You will get warmed up, work on a particular skill or strength movement, do the workout, stretch out, all in a one hour class.


CrossFit is a great platform for building a strong and tight-knit community around something positive.  We will have a very intimate membership base and you will get to know each member and at one time or another you will get to workout with everyone.  As CrossFit Deliverance becomes a part of your daily routine, you will forge amazing friendships and be held accountable by not only your coaches, but your fellow members that you see day in and day out.  The University District already has an amazing sense of community and we want to add to it and continue to build up this already great community.

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