Barbell Club

Our Barbell Club allows athletes to come focus on their Olympic lifting skills in a dedicated environment. You not only get the programming and the coaching, you also get access to Wodify as a tracking program and a way to measure yourself against other athletes within the program.

You will be expected to attend all Barbell Club classes and will be given accessory/home-work to complete during Open Gym classes. The accessory/home-work will be optional, but is highly recommended to complete for your own development.

The Barbell Club will be an additional $25 cost to current members. It will also be offered as a separate membership, $155, that gives individuals access to the Barbell Club classes and all Open Gym classes to work on the accessory/home-work that will be given to you to complete outside of class.

In order to offer individual coaching to each athlete attending, space is limited. Please email James to make sure there is space available in the program.