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CrossFit Deliverance is the birth place of this landmark organization. Please checkout there various statements below and then their website through the “Get Started” button.

Our Mission

Empower others by removing barriers, eliminating financial constraints, and garnering access to the most effective lifeboat available: Fitness.

Our Vision

We deliver scholarships to individuals experiencing financial, physical, mental, or social-emotional hardship. We eliminate the barriers to accessing CrossFit affiliates so individuals can learn how to treat and care for themselves in a healthy and sustainable way. The first step is to introduce individuals to a safe environment that encourages a cohesive framework of community, nutrition, fitness, education and grit. Additional scholarships and further support will be provided as needed to access mental health and other professionals once established with the community.

Our Values

Learn to take care of yourself. Fill your cup and become whole so you can overflow and help others. Step Up for yourself so you can Show Up for someone else.

Our Manifesto

  • We believe in you
  • We believe in the power of community and its capacity to change lives
  • We believe in the importance of seeking and accepting help
  • We understand we must give what we have in order to keep it
  • We offer support when you are ready to turn potential into reality
  • We believe pain precedes growth
  • We believe your tenacity and self love are the driving forces behind evolving oneself
  • We understand success is relative, and comparison has no place in progress
  • We believe in confronting our shortcomings in order to surpass them
  • WE step up so YOU can show up

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