Our Beliefs

Value Statement

Let love win through giving GRACE to BE and ROOM to Become.

Mission Statement

“Freedom from Mediocrity” in every aspect of wellbeing through “Relentless Virtuosity”

Manifesto Statment

  • we believe in you
  • we believe in the power of community.
  • we know the importance of seeking and accepting help 
  • we readily offer help when one is ready
  • we know that shifting your mindset requires support
  • we believe in leaning into the power of community to turn potential into reality. 
  • we understand success is relative, and comparison has no place in progress 
  • we believe tenacity and grit exist as the driving forces behind impactful change
  • we know community has the capacity to save lives
  • WE step up so YOU can show up

Vision Statement

CrossFit Deliverance will develop and nurture relationships and partnerships to support any individual through various stages of life.

CrossFit Deliverance will be successful when:

– All members eat and exercise from a place of love rather than guilt and hatred. 

– All members are coached in functional movements AND nutrition. 

– Every member has quarterly check in appointments. 

– There are zero gym related accidents. 

– All staff know and embody the Step Up Show Up Manifesto. 

– That all staff practice what we preach.

– Every member feels like they matter. 

– It is the best hour of each members day.